Francis Cardinal Arinze Francis Cardinal Arinze
Prefect of Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments, Roman Curia
Cardinal Priest of S Giovanni della Pigna
Nov 01, 1932
May 25, 1985
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English Aug 28, 2016
Interview with Cardinal Arinze
The state of the Church in Africa.
English Dec 05, 2015
Cardinal Arinze in Nigeria: A dialogue of encounter
The presence of General Yakubu Gowon in Onitsha, Anambra State of Nigeria on 28 November 2015 was very symbolic. Why is it so important to introduce this conversation with General Gowon and not John Cardinal Onaiyekan (Archbishop of Abuja) or many other Church luminaries of Nigeria?
English Dec 01, 2015
Gowon, Ekwueme, others at episcopal anniversary of Cardinal Arinze
FORMER Head of State, General Yakubu Gowon (retd), Second Republic Vice Pres­ident, Dr. Alex Ekwueme and Anambra State governor, Chief Willie Obiano, as well as more than 40 Bishops and Arch­bishops from all over the world, were among dignitaries, who attended the 50th episcopal anniversary of His Eminence, Francis Cardinal Arinze, held at the Basili­ca of the Most High, in Onitsha yesterday.
English Nov 30, 2015
Nigeria’s Cardinal Arinze Is God’s Gift To Humanity
The Vatican, representatives of the Roman Catholic Church in Africa, and prominent Nigerians have praised Nigeria’s Cardinal Francis Arinze on the occasion of the 50th Episcopal Golden Jubilee Anniversary of the ordination of His Eminence.
English Nov 21, 2015
Arinze rebuts cardinal’s claim that Catholic faith is unrealistic: ‘Who do you think you are? Greater than Christ?’
Catholic , Communion For Remarried , Francis Arinze , Reinhard Marx , Synod On The Family.
English Oct 18, 2015
A synod conversation with Catholic Africa’s lion in winter
English Sept 17, 2015
Cardinal Francis Arinze: 50 years as a Bishop
Yesterday Saturday 29 August 2015, Francis Cardinal Arinze, 82, marked fifty years as a Bishop. In an interview with Vatican Radio’s English Africa Service to mark to the milestone, Cardinal Arinze was in high spirits.
English Dec 26, 2014
This Christmas, try and reach out to others
No Funeral Face for Christmas
English Oct 10, 2013
Current Issue:  Interview Interview 2 Cardinal Arinze on the Role of the Laity
An interview with the former head of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments.
English Aug 06, 2013
Cardinal Arinze urges catechism immersion for teachers
Nigerian Cardinal Francis Arinze spoke to a group of catechists in Sri Lanka, reminding them of the importance of their role in teaching the faith and encouraging them to read the catechism.
Spanish Mar 03, 2013
El cardenal Arinze sobre el aborto
English Feb 16, 2013
Cardinal Arinze: Pope's resignation was a 'surprise, like thunder'
Italian Apr 22, 2012
Enna: La visita del cardinale Arinze a giovani e immigrati
French Aug 07, 2011
Le cardinal Arinze critique les « non-dits » sur l’avortement
Lors d’une conférence sur la bioéthique aux Etats-Unis
Italian Jul 14, 2010
Il Cardinale Arinze apre il Millennio
Al via i festeggiamenti per il Millennio dell’Abbazia della SS. Trinità. L’apertura ufficiale con la solenne celebrazione presieduta dal Cardinale Francis Arinze, che ha esaltato il contributo del monachesimo benedettino alla formazione cristiana della cultura europea. Ricco il cartellone di eventi. Il 3 settembre il prossimo appuntamento…
Spanish Sept 13, 2009
El cardenal Arinze exhorta a los obispos asiáticos a que hagan respetar las normas litúrgicas de la Iglesia
El cardenal Arinze, que fue Prefecto de la Congregación para el Culto Divino y la Disciplina de los Sacramentos del 2002 al 2008, presidió este domingo en Manila la Misa de clausura de la Asamblea plenaria de la Federación de Conferencias Episcopales Asiáticas. En su homilía, el cardenal exhortó a los obispos de Asia a combatir las «idiosincracias» litúrgicas y los falsos conceptos acerca de la inculturización. Monseñor Arinze, al recordar que la gente va a Misa a adorar a Dios y no a entretenerse, se pronunció claramente a favor de la eliminación del uso de la danza en las ceremonias litúrgicas.
Italian Jun 22, 2009
Il Papa apre l'Anno Sacerdotale: intervista col cardinale Arinze
English Apr 17, 2009
Cardinal visitation
English Mar 19, 2009
Bishops should not fear retirement when the time comes, says Cardinal Arinze
English Mar 12, 2009
Benedict XVI thanks Cardinal Arinze for strengthening his priesthood
At the conclusion of the Roman Curia’s spiritual exercises on Saturday, Pope Benedict expressed his thanks to Cardinal Francis Arinze for guiding them through the week of meditations and helping “us to renew our priesthood.”
Italian Mar 11, 2009
Il cardinale Arinze anticipa i temi degli esercizi spirituali che predicherà a Benedetto XVI e alla Curia romana: se il prete non incontra e segue Gesù la sua vocazione non ha senso
French Mar 11, 2009
La foi n’est pas une entrave à l’existence, estime le card. Arinze
German Mar 09, 2009
Vatikan: Fastenexerzitien an der Kurie - Auszüge
German Feb 25, 2009
Arinze hofft auf weltweites Interesse für Afrika
Nigerianischer Kardinal würdigt Initiativen des Papstes für den Kontinent
French Feb 23, 2009
Le pape Benoît XVI confie les prédications de Carême au Cardinal Arinze
Italian Feb 20, 2009
Ritiro per Pasqua dall'1 al 7 marzo, presiede card.Arinze
Italian Feb 20, 2009
Il cardinale Arinze terrà gli esercizi spirituali per la Quaresima in Vaticano
English Feb 20, 2009
For Lenten Retreat, Old Worship
With Ash Wednesday but a week away, one annual mystery of Roman Lent is solved: the Curia's lone senior African, Nigerian Cardinal Francis Arinze, will lead this year's Lenten Retreat for the Pope and his top aides.
French Jan 11, 2009
MISSEL : Interview du cardinal Francis Arinze
English Dec 26, 2008
Pope hails Cardinal Arinze on 50th priestly ordination
French Dec 21, 2008
Le célibat sacerdotal consacre plus étroitement au Christ
Nouvel ouvrage du card. Arinze : « Réflexions sur le sacerdoce, lettre à un jeune prêtre »
Spanish Dec 21, 2008
Cardenal Arinze: el celibato sacerdotal consagra más estrechamente a Cristo
Italian Nov 29, 2008
la pace, necessaria per il futuro dell'Africa
Vede con speranza il prossimo Sinodo speciale per questo continente
German Nov 26, 2008
Friede für Afrika!
Bevorstehende Sondersynode ist ein Hoffnungsschimmer für den schwarzen Kontinent
German Nov 22, 2008
Mehr Gerechtigkeit für Afrika
English Sept 30, 2008
48 Anniversary: Cardinal Arinze urges Nigerians to appreciate God
Nigeria’s cardinal at the Papacy in Rome, Cardinal Francis Arinze, flew into Lagos yesterday with a call on Nigerians to thank God for keeping the country as one indivisible entity since independence in 1960.
English Sept 05, 2008
Cardinal Arinze Advises Against Divorce
The Prefect of the Congregation of Divine Worship and Discipline of Sacrament in the Vatican, Francis Cardinal Arinze has criticized those who seek divorce as a way of solving marital problems, saying divorce has adverse and negative consequences on children and the society in general.
English Aug 13, 2008
Igbo, major producer of priests— Cardinal Arinze
AWKA—NIGERIAN-born Prefect for the Congregation of Divine Worship and Sacrament in the Vatican,  Francis Cardinal Arinze has said that  Igbos are one of the highest producers of priests in the Roman Catholic Church, and wants them to keep it up.
Italian Jun 23, 2008
Cardinale Arinze: l'Eucaristia deve cambiare la vita quotidiana
Sottolinea la dimensione sociale del mistero.
English Apr 14, 2008
African cardinal opines on politicos and abortion
Nigerian-born Cardinal Francis Arinze said in a recently-released video that even little children know whether or not a pro-abortion politician should receive communion; reminded listeners of a 2002 letter sent by pope to US bishops on relativism.
Italian Mar 22, 2008
Il cardinale Arinze: tutti abbiamo contribuito alla morte di Gesù
Il Venerdì Santo ci ricorda che Cristo è morto per i nostri peccati.
English Mar 20, 2008
True liturgical reform must avoid “wild liturgy,” Cardinal Arinze explains
Cardinal Francis Arinze, the Church’s “liturgist-in-chief,” recently made a speech at an African university in which he criticized liturgical abuses and protested Masses where the recklessly innovative priests act as “Reverend Showman”.
Italian Nov 17, 2007
Serve una formazione liturgica permanente
Così il cardinale Arinze al convegno dei direttori degli Uffici liturgici diocesani.
Italian Nov 04, 2007
Il cardinale Arinze: ogni credente è chiamato alla santità
La Chiesa celebra la Solennità di Tutti i Santi.
Italian Oct 03, 2007
Un bilancio della sua missione negli Stati Uniti
Il cardinale Francis Arinze fa un bilancio della sua missione negli Stati Uniti, fra i laici e i sacerdoti che chiedono la formazione cristiana permanente.
English Sept 28, 2007
Cardinal Takes to Cyberspace to Teach the Faith
One cardinal is using every avenue of technology available to tell the entire world just what the Catholic Church is really about.
English Sept 17, 2007
Visiting cardinal discusses changes in Mass
To encourage Catholics to apply their faith in daily life, the Vatican is considering alternative endings to the priest's last line of the Mass: "The Mass is ended. Go in peace."
English Sept 07, 2007
Nigeria needs public spirited leaders
“Every society needs leaders who distinguish themselves by their competence and spirit of service, and may God give Nigeria many of such leaders who will become catalysts for justice development, respect for the right of others, peace and joy”.
English Sept 04, 2007
Why Leaders Abuse Office, By Cardinal Arinze
THE Prefect, Congregation for Divine Worship and Discipline of the Sacrament, at the Vatican, Francis Cardinal Arinze has called on Nigerian political and religious leaders to see leadership as a service, saying that deviation from this virtue leads to abuse of office and corruption.
English Sept 04, 2007
Leadership, a Joint Responsibility - Cardinal Arinze
Prefect, Congregation for Divine Worship and Discipline of the Sacrament in the Vatican City, Cardinal Francis Arinze, has advised Nigerian leaders to use their positions to inspire the people to show interest in governance and nation-building, by exhibiting attributes that can convince them to share in the vision of improved society.
English Nov 12, 2006
Top Vatican cardinal addresses St. Louis liturgy conference
Cardinal Francis Arinze, one of the most popular and powerful Vatican officials to visit St. Louis since Pope John Paul II's 1999 visit, told more than 250 people at the Chase Park Plaza Saturday morning that Latin should be used more frequently in the Roman Catholic liturgy.
German Nov 01, 2006
Kardinal Arinze über die Stärken der afrikanischen Kirche
Kardinal Francis Arinze hat ein wichtiges Kurienamt inne: Er ist Präfekt der Gottesdienst- und Sakramentenkongregation: Ein wichtiges Amt in Rom.
English Sept 16, 2006
Cardinal Arinze worries over fate of Nigerian youths abroad
Cardinal Francis Arinze has bemoaned the fate of Nigerian youths seeking greener pastures abroad. The cardinal, who is the Prefect for Divine Worship and Discipline of Sacrament of the Catholic Faith in Vatican, made the assertion in Onitsha in an interview with newsmen after a reception organised in his honour by St. Francis Catholic Church, Onitsha.
English Jul 25, 2006
Cardinal urges Nigerians to pray for success of elections
A top Vatican official has called on fellow Nigerians to pray for the success of the 2007 general elections.
English Jul 24, 2006
Congress To Promote Liturgy In Africa
His Eminence, Francis Cardinal Arinze, Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments of the Vatican has commended Catholics in Africa and Madagascar for their manifestation of joy and sense of community in their liturgical celebrations, their love of song and their desire to see acceptable elements of their culture incorporated into their public worship of the church.
English Jul 12, 2006
I Owe a Lot to Nigeria
The Pope's Minister for Congregational Prayer, Cardinal Francis Arinze, says he owes the country a lot for giving him an identity.
German Jul 03, 2006
Kardinal Arinze über die Situation der Kirche in Afrika
Vorstellung der "Lineamenta" der Zweiten Sonderversammlung der Bischofssynode für Afrika
English Jul 03, 2006
Cardinal Arinze warns on 2007 polls
A member of the Vatican, His Eminence Francis Cardinal Arinze  warned yesterday that the 2007 general elections may lead to a major  crisis if the  nation’s leaders failed to uphold the rule of law, saying the inability of past leaders to sanction violators of  electoral laws was responsible for the breakdown of law  and order in  the country.
English Jul 01, 2006
Cardinal Arinze Speaks On Second Synod
Present at the presentation of the lineamenta was Nigeria-born Francis Cardinal Arinze, prefect of the Vatican Congregation for Divine Worship and the Sacraments. He made the following observations:
English Jun 28, 2006
Cardinal Arinze on the African Synod
"Africans Are Striving to Live Their Faith"
German Jun 21, 2006
'Eucharistiefeier nicht nur Mahl sondern vor allem auch Opfer'
Kardinal Arinze predigte zum Abschluß des Kongresses "Freude am Glauben" im überfüllten Fuldaer Dom über die Heiligen Eucharistie und überbrachte Segenswünsche des Papstes.
Italian May 17, 2006
Un cardinale vuole portare in tribunale il "Codice Da Vinci"
A pochi giorni dall'uscita del film "Il Codice Da Vinci", ispirato al romanzo di Dan Brown, il cardinale nigeriano Francis Arinze ritiene che i cristiani debbano reagire al libro e al film portando in tribunale coloro che, a suo parere, offendono il Cristo e la Chiesa.
English May 09, 2006
Vatican Cardinal Arinze speaks out against "The Da Vinci Code"
A high-ranking Vatican cardinal has spoken out against the "The Da Vinci Code," the best-selling novel that is about to hit movie screens, saying it is based on wrong facts and can turn people against Christianity.
English Apr 27, 2006
Cardinal Arinze on How to Live Holy Week
The prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Sacraments has suggested that Holy Week be lived in a spirit of faith, adoration, love and gratitude.
English Apr 06, 2006
Cardinal Arinze at Westminster Cathedral 'Hearts and Minds' event
Cardinal Francis Arinze, Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and Discipline of the Sacraments, delivered the keynote talk at Westminster Cathedral on Saturday, as part of a special afternoon event 'Hearts and Minds, devoted to thinking about and celebrating the Liturgy of the Church.
Spanish Mar 04, 2006
El cardenal Arinze explica las normas litúrgicas emitidas para el Camino Neocatecumenal
Las normas emitidas por la Santa Sede al Camino Neocatecumenal sobre la liturgia surgen de un proceso de más de dos años, en el que han participado siete cardenales de la Curia Romana por petición del Papa, revela el cardenal Francis Arinze.
German Jan 30, 2006
Kardinal Arinze, Papst betet für Frieden im Tschad
Der Konflikt zwischen Tschad und Sudan spitzt sich zu. Vergangene Wochen hatte die Regierung in N'Djamena sudanesischen Milizen vorgeworfen, drei Angriffe im Osten des Tschad geführt zu haben.
English Jan 27, 2006
Catholic Church in Need of Personnel, Says Cardinal Arinze
The Catholic Church in Chad, which just celebrated its first National Eucharistic Congress, is in great need of workers, says Cardinal Francis Arinze.
Italian Jan 21, 2006
Inviato papale trova in Ciad una Chiesa bisognosa ma felice
Il Cardinal Arinze presiede il I Congresso Eucaristico Nazionale nel Paese africano.
Italian Nov 24, 2005
“La gente non va a Messa per essere intrattenuta”
Di fronte alle improvvisazioni a cui si assiste durante le liturgie, soprattutto nella scelta delle musiche, il Cardinal Francis Arinze ribadisce l’importanza di fare della Messa un momento di riflessione e incontro con Dio, più che una forma di intrattenimento.
English Nov 24, 2005
What Will be the Consequences of the Synod?
Cardinal Francis Arinze, Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship spoke today to Inside the Vatican about the recent Synod of the Eucharist and related issues. In the final question, he addresses the reasons pro-choice politicians should not present themselves to receive communion (November 12, 2005).
Spanish Nov 06, 2005
Benedicto XVI felicita al cardenal Arinze por sus cuarenta años de episcopado
Benedicto XVI recibió este lunes en audiencia al cardenal Francis Arinze, prefecto de la Congregación para el Culto Divino y la Disciplina de los Sacramentos, con motivo del cuadragésimo aniversario de su ordenación episcopal.
French Nov 06, 2005
Dans le projet de Dieu, le salut inclut toute l’humanité
La Bonne Nouvelle catholique n’est pas « un article de contrebande qu’il faut cacher » mais une réalité à annoncer au grand jour, a affirmé le cardinal Francis Arinze, préfet de la Congrégation pour le culte divin et la discipline des sacrements.
Spanish Oct 30, 2005
“España tiene el peligro de perder su propia cultura e identidad por entender mal la relaciones interreligiosas”
El que fuera Prefecto del Consejo Pontificio para el Diálogo Interreligioso durante 18 años, el cardenal Francis Arinze, actual Prefecto de la Congregación para el Culto Divino y Disciplina de los Sacramentos, declaró para la Agencia Veritas que “España tiene el peligro de perder su propia cultura e identidad católica por entender mal la relaciones interreligiosas”.
Spanish Oct 30, 2005
La íntima relación entre evangelización y diálogo interreligioso
La Buena Noticia del Evangelio no «es una mercancía de contrabando que hay que esconder», sino una realidad que hay que predicar abiertamente, considera el cardenal Francis Arinze, prefecto de la Congregación para el Culto Divino y la Disciplina de los Sacramentos.
German Oct 24, 2005
'Eucharistie ist nicht ökumenisch'
Präfekt der Liturgiekongregation: "Es stimmt etwas nicht, wenn man in einer Pfarrei sieht, dass fast alle kommen, um die Kommunion zu empfangen, aber nur einige beichten gehen"
French Oct 24, 2005
Un cardinal africain proscrit les danses pendant la messe
Chanter en dansant "c’est bon pour la salle paroissiale mais pas pendant la messe", a estimé jeudi le cardinal nigérian Francis Arinze, préfet de la Congrégation pour le culte divin et la discipline des sacrements, en rendant compte devant la presse des travaux du Synode convoqué à Rome par Benoit XVI.
French Oct 15, 2005
« Les heures précieuses passées devant la Très Sainte Eucharistie »
« Les heures que nous passons devant la Très Sainte Eucharistie sont très précieuses » : déclare le cardinal Francis Arinze, préfet de la Congrégation pour le Culte divin et la Discipline des sacrements, en évoquant le développement de l’année de l’Eucharistie, au micro de Radio Vatican : le synode sur l’Eucharistie sera aussi l’occasion d’un bilan de l’année de l’Eucharistie.
English Oct 07, 2005
Cardinal Arinze Visits Onitsha Prison
AS part of activities marking his 40 years of episcopacy and 20 years as a cardinal, Cardinal Francis Arinze on Sunday visited Onitsha prisons donating N100,000 to the inmates and promised to renovate the chapel there.
English Jul 15, 2005
The Liturgy is the Expression of the Faith
I met the then Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger when he was Archbishop of Munich, in 1977 or 1978, during a visit to Germany I made when I was Archbishop of Onitsha, in Nigeria. By Cardinal Francis Arinze, Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments
French Jun 17, 2005
Des heures de marche sous le soleil tropical
Des heures de marche sous le soleil tropical: le cardinal Arinze a confié à son retour à Rome combien la foi eucharistique des catholiques de Tanzanie l’a impressionné.
English Jun 07, 2005
Thanks Cardinal Arinze, we will be good citizens
A good Christian is a good citizen indeed. Francis Cardinal Arinze of Nigeria could not have been more right in that when he preached to a Tabata Catholic congregation in Dar es Salaam recently.
English Apr 19, 2005
Francis Cardinal Arinze Has Family’s Support
A pro-basketball star and his U.S. college-professor dad are rooting for Francis Cardinal Arinze of Nigeria to become the next pope — after all, he's family.
English Apr 19, 2005
Nigerian cardinal's hometown awaits Vatican conclave
At a fork in the rutted track leading through the lush landscape of southeastern Nigeria, a billboard reads "Eziowelle for Jesus" and an arrow points the way to the sleepy town.
English Apr 17, 2005
Pope Contender: Cardinal Francis Arinze of Nigeria
The same year Cardinal Francis Arinze of Nigeria was ordained a priest, an older colleague was undergoing psychiatric care, deemed mentally unbalanced by his desire to incorporate African rites into the ritual of the Catholic Church.
English Apr 16, 2005
Notre Dame to present Arinze with doctorate at commencement
The University of Notre Dame plans to award an honorary doctorate to Cardinal Francis Arinze, a Vatican official who's included on many short lists of contenders to become the next pope, during its commencement ceremony on May 15.
English Apr 13, 2005
Francis Cardinal Arinze
Cardinal Francis Arinze is on the shortlist of candidates to succeed Pope John Paul II. And because he comes from Nigeria, the cardinal has attracted considerable media attention and prompted questions about whether the world is ready for a black pope. But his background runs deeper than skin color. Arinze is one of the leading cardinals of the Roman Catholic Church and was “Prefect of the Congregation of Divine Worship” and the Discipline of the Sacraments in the Roman Curia when elected under Pope John Paul II.
English Apr 11, 2005
Arise, Rejoice, God is Calling You
Commencement Address at Georgetown University,
WASHINGTON, D.C., May 17, 2003.
English Apr 10, 2005
Welcome to Eziowelle, Home of Cardinal Arinze
Nothing in Eziowelle suggests that this is the village that may produce the next Pope of the Catholic Church. Its most prominent son is Cardinal Francis Arinze, who is currently rated as one of the top three likely to succeed Pope John Paul II, from this dusty community. Charles Onyekamuo visits the village, speaks with the Cardinal's elder brother, inspects the family house, and reports
English Apr 05, 2005
Cardinals Concelebrate Historic Mass at Cathedral
Praise and thanksgiving were in abundance at last Sunday's historic afternoon liturgy at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels where Nigerian Cardinal Francis Arinze told the packed congregation that Christ unites all peoples of the world "as no one else can, or will."
French Mar 10, 2005
« L’art de célébrer, c’est savoir prier », par le card. Arinze
« L’art de célébrer, c’est savoir prier », déclare le cardinal Francis Arinze au micro de Radio Vatican, à l’issue de l’assemblée plénière du dicastère dont il est le préfet, la Congrégation pour le Culte divin et la discipline des sacrements, et en cette année de l’Eucharistie.
German Mar 04, 2005
Kardinal Arinze: Die Liturgie stärkt den Glauben
Der Präfekt der Kongregation für den Gottesdienst und die Sakramentenordnung sprach in "Radio Vatikan" über die derzeit stattfindenden Liturgie-Beratungen seiner Kongregation in Rom, bei der 51 Kongregationsmitglieder – unter ihnen 32 Kardinäle – teilnehmen.
English Mar 02, 2005
From mud-brick bungalow to Sistine chapel
The fourth-ranking cardinal in the Vatican and the African with the best chance of succeeding Pope John Paul II began his stellar Church career as a child of poor pagan parents in a mud-brick bungalow in the forests of southern Nigeria Nigeria.
English Feb 19, 2005
No Communion for Pro-Abortion Politicians or Rainbow Sashers
Nigerian Cardinal Francis Arinze, the Cardinal in charge of the sacraments of the Church has made it plain in an on-camera interview with EWTN that pro-abortion politicians may not be admitted to Holy Communion: "Are we going to change Divine Law, how God made us?"
English Jan 28, 2005
Cardinal Arinze denies he approved U.S. Archbishop giving sash wearing "gays" Holy Communion
During the past five years, at the time of the Catholic Church's most holy day of Pentecost Sunday,[1] openly 'gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender' persons wearing rainbow colored body sashes have gathered in large groups inside several U.S. Cathedrals to protest the Church's teachings and divine laws against sodomy. By Barbara Kralis.
English Jan 25, 2005
Cardinal sits down for a rare interview
Cardinal Francis Arinze was the Vatican's point man for interreligious outreach for 18 years. Yet, he is famously reluctant to be interviewed. Cardinal Francis Arinze received an achievement award Tuesday from Thanks-Giving Square leaders.
English Oct 17, 2004
Message aux bouddhistes
Le cardinal Francis Arinze a pris l’habitude d’adresser chaque année un message aux bouddhistes pour leur grande fête annuelle de la Vesakh, laquelle célèbre la naissance, l’“illumination” et la mort de Bouddha, par des cérémonies et des processions autour des temples.
French Oct 07, 2004
Divergences romaines sur les danses au cours des cérémonies liturgiques
Le 8 octobre, à San Antonio, aux Etats-Unis, le cardinal Arinze, préfet de la Congrégation pour le culte divin et la discipline des sacrements, a vivement critiqué la "créativité incontrôlée" et "l’imagination trop fertile".
English Sept 16, 2004
Cardinal Says Gays Mock Family
Cardinal Arinze gave the commencement speech at Washington, D.C.'s Georgetown University, and the Nigerian prelate's reiteration of Church teachings on the family.
English Sept 12, 2004
More Latin in the Liturgy
From the Keynote address to the USA convention of the Federation of Diocesan Liturgical Commissions, at the Omni San Antonio Hotel, October 7-11, 2003.
English Sept 12, 2004
The Five Positive Results of the Litugical Reform
From the Keynote address to the USA convention of the Federation of Diocesan Liturgical Commissions, at the Omni San Antonio Hotel, October 7-11, 2003.
English Sept 12, 2004
Church Architecture: Is Iconoclasm Back?
From the Keynote address to the USA convention of the Federation of Diocesan Liturgical Commissions, at the Omni San Antonio Hotel, October 7-11, 2003.
English Sept 12, 2004
Liturgical Abuses
From the Keynote address to the USA convention of the Federation of Diocesan Liturgical Commissions, at the Omni San Antonio Hotel, October 7-11, 2003.
English Sept 12, 2004
Laicizing the Clergy
From the Keynote address to the USA convention of the Federation of Diocesan Liturgical Commissions, at the Omni San Antonio Hotel, October 7-11, 2003.
English Sept 12, 2004
The Sad Error of the Lay Faithful Struggling Around the Altar
From the Keynote address to the USA convention of the Federation of Diocesan Liturgical Commissions, at the Omni San Antonio Hotel, October 7-11, 2003.
English Sept 12, 2004
Church Architecture
From the Keynote address to the USA convention of the Federation of Diocesan Liturgical Commissions, at the Omni San Antonio Hotel, October 7-11, 2003.
English Sept 12, 2004
The Translation of the New Missal into English
Translation of the new Missal into English from the Latin text is the fruit of a long and bitter struggle – one that mirrors the battle over authority in the Church.
English Sept 11, 2004
Cardinal's speech upsets university
A Roman Catholic cardinal seen as a top contender to succeed Pope John Paul II has sparked student and faculty protests at Georgetown University with a remark he made about homosexuals in a commencement speech.
English Sept 11, 2004
Cardinal says liturgical change reflects the Church is alive
People have a right to their opinions about various aspects of the liturgy, but the liturgical reform of the Second Vatican Council will continue as the Catholic Church continues, said Cardinal Francis Arinze.
English Sept 11, 2004
Cardinal Arinze Explains Reasons for Instruction on Eucharist
Cardinal Francis Arinze minces no words when it comes to the Blessed Sacrament.
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