Wilfrid Fox Cardinal Napier, O.F.M. Wilfrid Fox Cardinal Napier, O.F.M.
Archbishop of Durban, South Africa
Cardinal Priest of S Francesco d'Assisi ad Acilia
Mar 08, 1941
South Africa
Feb 21, 2001
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English UK and SA Governments Suffer Cardinal's Ire
Oct 05, 2006
South African Cardinal Wilfred Napier believes that the South African Government has got its strategy wrong for combating AIDS by focusing mainly on the use of condoms.

(The Universe, September 27, 2006) Visiting the UK as part of a Pontifical Mission Society initiative, Cardinal Napier accused the South African Government of only looking to treat symptoms of the AIDS problem rather than the causes.

The Cardinal suggested that South Africa would do better to look to the excellent example offered by the Ugandan Government.

"In Uganda, everyone from the President down gave out the message: if you are not married abstain from sex, if you are married be faithful and if one partner in a marriage has been unfaithful a condom can be used," said Cardinal Napier.

In the case of the third instance the Cardinal was at pains to stress that the decision on condom use was up to the couple.

"South Africa has just taken the condom as the answer," said Cardinal Napier, who stressed that the spread of AIDS whether through sex, use of dirty syringes or accidents was due to human beings.

He also stressed the importance of poverty alleviation policy in the fight against AIDS and paid tribute to the funding received from President George Bush for this purpose.

The Cardinal also called on the UK Government and European Union to take more robust action to confront the situation in Zimbabwe.

"We need to examine our consciences about what is happening in Zimbabwe and Darfur. The attitude of indifference gives over the view that African life is cheap," said Cardinal Napier.

The Cardinal accused the South African Government of double standards by employing arguments against using international sanctions against Zimbabwe that had previously been deployed by those seeking to oppose their use against the apartheid government of South Africa.

Cardinal Napier said the biggest problems in South Africa today were poverty, unemployment, AIDS and crime. He criticised an unwillingness on the part of government to deal with these problems which could in the long-term lead to the disengagement of people from the political process.
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