Roger Michael Cardinal Mahony Roger Michael Cardinal Mahony
Archbishop of Los Angeles, California, USA
Cardinal Priest of Ss Quattro Coronati
Feb 27, 1936
Jun 28, 1991
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Spanish Dec 25, 2016
Cardenal Mahony confía que el pueblo impedirá deportación de universitarios
El cardenal Roger Mahony, anterior arzobispo de Los Ángeles (EE.UU.), se mostró confiado de que los estadounidenses impedirán que los jóvenes universitarios indocumentados beneficiados con DACA sean deportados y despojados de ese alivio como lo ha prometido el presidente electo, Donald Trump.
English Mar 12, 2013
Cardinal Mahony Defends Record in Italian Paper
Cardinal Roger Mahony of Los Angeles staunchly defended his record on dealing with sexual abuse in the church in an interview published by an Italian newspaper Tuesday.
German Feb 23, 2013
Heikler Kardinal mit Stimmrecht bei der Papstwahl
Roger Mahony hat als Bischof von Los Angeles zahllose Missbrauchsfälle vertuscht. Soll er den Papst wählen dürfen? Aus Kirche und Öffentlichkeit kommen Warnungen – manche subtil, manche entsetzt
Italian Feb 16, 2013
Los Angeles, quel (triste) duello fra il cardinale e l’arcivescovo
Los Angeles

Los Angeles
Dopo la clamorosa sospensione il cardinale Mahony accusa il suo successore Gomez: “Perché solo ora questa mossa?”
German Feb 09, 2013
Ein Kardinal muss büßen
Erzbischof Gomez hat seinen Vorgänger Kardinal Mahony wegen dessen Umgangs mit Missbrauchsfällen von allen verbliebenen Ämtern abgesetzt. Ein ungewöhnlicher Schritt gegenüber einem in der kirchlichen Hierarchie höher stehenden Mitbruder.
Spanish Feb 09, 2013
El arzobispo de Los Ángeles prohíbe al cardenal Mahony cualquier actividad pública
English Feb 09, 2013
Is Cardinal Mahony’s censure a sign of a new Catholic Church?
English Feb 09, 2013
Cardinal in Los Angeles Is Removed From Duties
English Feb 09, 2013
Cardinal Roger Mahony defends his legacy on church child abuse
Retired Roman Catholic Cardinal Roger Mahony defended his tattered legacy one day after Archbishop Jose Gomez stripped Mahony of his administrative duties and released thousands of pages of confidential files on sexually abusive priests.
English Feb 18, 2012
Cardinal Mahony blasts HHS contraception mandate
English Mar 13, 2011
Cardinal Roger Mahony Hands Over Control of L.A. Archdiocese
English Dec 28, 2010
Cardinal Mahony Reflects on Memories
French Jul 07, 2010
Pathétique cardinal Mahony…
English Feb 03, 2010
For Cardinal Mahony, Twilight... and "Shadow"
Over recent months, a growing wildfire of chatter -- both from the West Coast and points beyond -- has carried word of an expedited timetable on what'll arguably be Benedict XVI's most important pick for the Stateside bench: the pontiff's choice of a successor to Cardinal Roger Mahony as head of the nation's largest local church, the 5 million-member archdiocese of Los Angeles.
English Feb 03, 2010
Cardinal Mahony replacement chosen, announcement to be made soon
I am hearing, on reliable authority, that the Cardinal Archbishop of Los Angeles, Roger Mahony, has approved a coadjutor bishop recently selected for him by the Holy See. This news – and the name – will be publicly announced “soon.”
French Jan 31, 2010
Le cardinal-archevêque de Los Angeles sur le départ avant la fin de son mandat ?
English Sept 28, 2009
Cardinal Mahony says abortion should not be funded by health care bills
English May 23, 2009
Cardinal Mahony on ministry
Few American bishops have pondered the future of ministry in the Catholic church as thoroughly as Cardinal Roger Mahony of Los Angeles.
Spanish May 14, 2009
Cardenal Mahony calla sobre el caso Cutié
Italian Mar 11, 2009
Lettera quaresimale del cardinale Mahony ai fedeli di Los Angeles
English Mar 04, 2009
Catholic-Jewish relations: Resilient in face of Williamson episode
By Cardinal Roger Mahony, Rabbi Gary Greenebaum and Seth Brysk
German Nov 20, 2008
Finanzkrise: US-Kardinal Mahony warnt vor Resignation
In den wirtschaftlich schwierigen Zeiten sollten die Familie und der Glaube Stützen sein, so Mahony in einem Hirtenbrief zum bevorstehenden Advent
English Nov 12, 2008
Cardinal Mahony praises success of Prop. 8’s ‘unprecedented coalition’
English Oct 30, 2008
Cardinal Mahony ad part of $1M campaign to sway Latinos for marriage-protection amendment
English Jul 29, 2008
Church Must Unite in Bad Times, Says Cardinal
Notes That Body of Christ Cannot React as a Corporation.
English Dec 05, 2007
Cardinal Mahony speaks with NCR
Los Angeles is the capital of the world's
entertainment industry, and since 1985 the Catholic church there has been led by a figure seemingly made for Tinseltown: Cardinal Roger Mahony, 71, perhaps the most media-savvy American bishop (among other things, Mahony is an Internet adept) and something of a cultural celebrity in his own right.
English Jul 07, 2007
Cardinal Mahony's statement regarding immigration bill
My brothers and sisters, although I am profoundly disappointed with the moral failure on the part of our legislators for not passing comprehensive immigration reform, I, your archbishop, your auxiliary bishops, your priests and our entire Catholic Church are not giving up. We are here today to ask you not to become discouraged and not to lose hope. We have to keep fighting and, we will continue fighting.
English Jun 10, 2007
CTSA: Four bishops on being a bishop: 'It ain't easy'
By John L. Allen Jr.
English Jun 10, 2007
CTSA: Mahony accents 'autonomy and integrity' of theology
By John L. Allen Jr.
English May 09, 2007
The Cry of the Oppressed, at Home
Last night, Cardinal Roger Mahony of Los Angeles delivered the Fifth Annual Templeton Lecture on Economic Liberties and the Constitution before a full house at Philadelphia's National Constitution Center.
English Apr 19, 2007
On the Wane?
Anyone who's kept a close eye on things Catholic here in the States in recent years would be hard-pressed to deny that the most perilous cost of the sexual abuse scandal hasn't come in the form of the massive settlements with victim-survivors, the diminished Mass attendance in many places, or even the increased shuttering of parishes and schools (as difficult as each of these has been), but the loss of credibility in the church's leadership, a sea change not so much wrought by the abuse itself, but by its cover-up, or even the perception thereof.
English Apr 04, 2007
Cardinal Mahony Asked to Deny Communion to Assisted Suicide
Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez's support is viewed as crucial for assisted suicide bill’s passage.
English Mar 28, 2007
Cardinal says Chavez still inspires commitment to immigration reform
Cesar Chavez's commitment to justice for the most vulnerable members of society continues to influence Catholics today who are fighting for comprehensive immigration reform, said Cardinal Roger M. Mahony of Los Angeles during the annual Mass honoring the legendary labor leader.
English Mar 08, 2007
Transcript of online session with Cardinal Roger Mahony and students from St. Rita's School
Friday, March 2, 2007
10:15 a.m. - 11:15 a.m.
English Mar 08, 2007
Cardinal Mahony 2007 Online Chat
On Friday, March 2, 2007, at 11:15 a.m. PST, hosted an online chat session with Los Angeles Cardinal Roger Mahony, live from the main Exhibit Hall at the Religious Education Congress in Anaheim, Calif. Our thanks to Ellie Hidalgo of The Tidings for help with moderating the chat.
English Feb 03, 2007
Cardinal inaugurates new Achdiocesan Pastoral Council
The new Archdiocesan Pastoral Council responsible for setting a vision for the Archdiocese of Los Angeles and evaluating implementation of Synod initiatives is "here for the care and the concern of the whole archdiocese," Cardinal Roger Mahony told council members at their inaugural meeting.
English Jan 20, 2007
Cd. Mahony's fishy fish lure
By Barbara Kralis.
English Dec 25, 2006
Cardinal Roger Mahony Delivers Christmas Message
Roman Catholic Cardinal Roger Mahony asked the faithful in his Christmas message Sunday to celebrate the word of God made flesh in the person of Jesus Christ.
English Oct 06, 2006
LA Cardinal Mahony Issues Special Taped message to Catholics on Pro-Life Proposition
In an extraordinary move, Cardinal Roger Mahony, Archbishop of Los Angeles, prepared taped messages in Spanish and English which were  to be played on Sunday, Oct. 1, at all 288 parishes in the archdiocese. In the message, Cardinal Mahony urged Catholics to vote yes on Proposition 85 and to pray for its passage every day until the November elections.
English Sept 25, 2006
Cardinal Mahony says pope's remarks create a "teachable moment"
Cardinal Roger M. Mahony said at a meeting with local Muslim leaders that Pope Benedict XVI's recent remarks quoting a medieval emperor that characterized some of the teachings of Islam's founder as "evil and inhuman" created a "teachable moment" to affirm the commonalities between the two faiths.
English Sept 25, 2006
Dr. Michael Downey selected as cardinal's biographer
In a memorandum to the Archdiocesan Leadership Team and the Auxiliary Bishops, Cardinal Roger Mahony announced that, after "wide consultation and careful consideration," he has selected theologian-author Dr. Michael Downey to write his biography.
English Sept 12, 2006
Cardinal Mahony Reflects On 9/11 In Ceremony
The head of the Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles called on Christians Monday to see "light" despite the darkness of terrorism, and allow the power of God to overcome fanaticism.
English Jun 15, 2006
Cardinal Calls For Humane Immigration Legislation
Cardinal Roger Mahony Wednesday called on federal lawmakers to pass immigration legislation that includes humane border enforcement and does not criminalize people who sneak across the borders.
English Jun 15, 2006
Cardinal Mahony Reponds to Senate's Passing of Immigration Bill
Cardinal Mahony: U.S. Senate Immigration Bill is imperfect, but still a step toward reform.
English May 06, 2006
Cardinal gets mixed reaction for backing illegal immigrants
That Cardinal Roger Mahony attended grammar school here, in the modest St. Charles Borromeo parish more than a half-century ago, was a fact lost on many parishioners on a recent Sunday.
English Apr 27, 2006
Chrism Mass: Cardinal affirms evangelization efforts by all
Calling the annual Chrism Mass his favorite liturgy of the year, Cardinal Roger Mahony led a celebration April 10 in which he encouraged all in ministry --- clergy, religious and lay --- to continue Christ's work of evangelization and to stand with the oppressed.
English Apr 21, 2006
Mahony is correct on immigration
There’s a certain irony in the criticism leveled at Los Angeles Cardinal Roger Mahony regarding his recent statements on the immigration legislation before Congress.
English Apr 20, 2006
Cardinal urges Catholics to boycott May 1 immigration-related boycott
Los Angeles Cardinal Roger M. Mahony asked people not to support a boycott of work, school and businesses planned for May 1 to draw attention to immigration issues.
English Apr 06, 2006
Cardinal joins fight for undocumented workers' rights
One day, Roger Mahony, then about 12 years old, was working in his father's poultry processing plant in the San Fernando Valley when law enforcement agents searching for undocumented immigrants raided the facility.
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English Apr 04, 2006
Cardinal speaks for charity and justice
It was simple and direct. "Denying aid to a fellow human being violates a law with a higher authority than Congress - the Law of God." By Leo Sandon.
English Apr 03, 2006
Cardinal Puts Church in Fight for Immigration Rights
One day, Roger Mahony, then about 12, was working in his father's poultry processing plant in the San Fernando Valley when law enforcement agents searching for illegal immigrants raided the facility.
English Apr 03, 2006
Cardinal Mahony Urges Catholics To Pray Wednesday
Cardinal Roger Mahony asked Cathonics to pray for lawmakers debating immigration reform this week and to fast on April 5th in a show of solidarity with illegal immigrants.
English Apr 03, 2006
A Cardinal's Campaign
Cardinal Roger Mahony of Los Angeles is speaking out against crackdowns on illegals. How far will his voice carry?
English Mar 22, 2006
Cardinal, bishops draw support in immigration reform debate
As the discussion and debate on federal immigration reform continued in the local newspapers, Cardinal Roger Mahony --- whose public opposition to a House-passed reform measure has ignited much of the debate --- urged a California Senator to adopt legislation "that is both just and compassionate."
English Mar 22, 2006
Cardinal's 'online chat' set March 31
Marking the 10-year anniversary of the first such event, Cardinal Roger Mahony will chat online during Congress 2006. Hosted by ChurchWerks, the chat will be held March 31 from 11:15 a.m. to noon live from the Anaheim Convention Center.
Spanish Mar 11, 2006
Respalda NYT llamado a desobediencia
La propuesta, aún en discusión, plantea penalizar la asistencia social a indocumentados
English Mar 04, 2006
Cardinal calls for immigrant rights
A leading member of the Catholic Church has condemned a congressional resolution that, he said, further victimizes immigrants. He also took the occasion to initiate a campaign for immigrant rights.
Spanish Mar 04, 2006
Cardenal de Los Angeles promete resistir ley sobre inmigración
Un cardenal de Los Angeles dijo que instruirá a sus sacerdotes a resistir un propuesto requisito del gobierno de que verifiquen la situación legal de sus parroquianos antes de ayudarlos.
English Mar 04, 2006
LA Cardinal Mahony lashes out at anti-immigration sentiment
Cardinal Roger M. Mahony says he would instruct his priests to defy any federal legislation that would require churches to check parishioners for legal status before providing assistance.
English Mar 04, 2006
KABC's Doug McIntyre: L.A.'s Cardinal Mahony a "Scumbag," "Molester"
Los Angeles-area Catholics were instructed by Cardinal Roger M. Mahony to defy a proposed federal law designed to target illegal immigration. Many disagree with the Cardinal's instruction to his priests to break the law.
English Feb 28, 2006
Lenten message: Making Room
The Gospel proclamation for the First Sunday of Lent (Mark 1: 12-15) tells of the 40 days Jesus spent in the wilderness preparing for his ministry of announcing the good news of the Reign of God. As we begin our Lenten observance this year, we would do well to fix our eyes on Jesus, to enter with him into the spirit of those 40 days in preparation for the celebration of the Easter mysteries. By Cardinal Roger Mahony
English Oct 15, 2005
Cardinal Mahony outlines plans for lay parish leaders
In a pastoral statement released Sept. 30, Cardinal Roger M. Mahony of Los Angeles predicted a large increase in lay parish life directors beginning next year. He said such leaders will be called on to shape a parish's evangelical outreach and its vision of the reign of God.
English Oct 01, 2005
In accord with the vision of Church and ministry
Letter to September the bishops, priests, deacons, religious and lay leaders of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, The Tidings, September 30, 2005.
English Sept 30, 2005
Cardinal Mahoney Honors Pro-Abortion “Catholic” Clinton
The annual service award for the Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles is billed as rewards for “long and distinguished records of service,” according to the Los Angeles diocesan newspaper, the Tidings. Roger Cardinal Mahoney, the Archbishop of Los Angeles, chose to include among this year’s recipients attorney William M. Wardlaw, “a parishioner of Holy Family Church in South Pasadena.”
English Jul 09, 2005
Cardinal Mahoney’s Cathedral Guards Remove and Threaten Pro-life Youth During Honours for Pro-abort Mayor
Faithful Catholics were outraged last week, when a group of  young pro-life Catholics were removed and threatened with arrest at the Los Angeles Cathedral where notoriously liberal Roger Cardinal Mahoney was “celebrating” a pro-abortion politician.
English May 18, 2005
Cardinal Roger Mahony Welcomes the Rainbow Sash Movement
Joe Murray the US Convener of the Rainbow Sash Movement was contacted by Tod M. Tamberg, Director of Media Relations, Archdiocese of Los Angeles. The following is that communication:
English Apr 24, 2005
L.A. cardinal says pope might reform process for Synod of Bishops
Los Angeles Cardinal Roger M. Mahony said he would be surprised if Pope Benedict XVI did not reform the church's process for the Synod of Bishops.
English Apr 17, 2005
The major challenges facing the Church
On Oct. 15, Cardinal Roger Mahony of Los Angeles sat down with a group of reporters at the North American College, home to U.S. seminarians studying in Rome.
English Apr 16, 2005
LA's Cardinal Roger Mahony recovering after Rome hospitalization
Los Angeles Cardinal Roger Mahony, hospitalized in Rome for four days to treat a ruptured blood vessel in his leg, has been released and is expected to participate in the conclave to select a new pope, his archdiocese said Saturday.
English Apr 08, 2005
A Legacy of Life, Light and Love
Twenty-five years ago the world was stunned and elated by the election of Karol Wojtyla, Cardinal Archbishop of Krakow, as Bishop of Rome, the first Polish Pope. Today, we are not altogether surprised, but profoundly saddened nonetheless by the news of the passing of His Holiness Pope John Paul II into eternal life. By Cardinal Roger M. Mahony.
English Apr 08, 2005
Cardinal Is First-Class Pope Material
I wasn't going to say anything until a reader noticed the same thing I did in a story about Los Angeles Cardinal Roger Mahony. His Eminence, flying to Rome in the Pope's final hours, was stretched out rather comfortably in first class.
English Apr 01, 2005
LA Cardinal Weighs In On Terri Schiavo Case
Roman Catholic Cardinal Roger Mahony said Thursday Terri Schiavo was denied the chance to die with dignity because of the legal and legislative battles waged over the removal of her feeding tube.
English Mar 21, 2005
Telephone interview with Cardinal Roger Mahony of Los Angeles
On the sexual abuses in the archdiocese of Los Angeles. By Jason Berry,National Catholic Reporter , February 12, 2005.
English Oct 16, 2004
Praise of the Second Vatican Council
Among the finest graces of the just-ending century I would name the Second Vatican Council.  Have we yet, more than 30 years after the Council, begun to absorb what the Holy Spirit did there?
English Oct 16, 2004
Excessive Inculturation
I want to warn against an excessive “inculturation” that is destroying our liturgy.  In the past generation, we have introduced into the liturgy some practices and attitudes from North American society that have no place there.
English Oct 14, 2004
Homosexual Friendly Archdiocese
In 1993, the Cardinal helped to fund and produce the video A Journey for Understanding Gays and Lesbians in the Church. The video affirmed that there was nothing wrong with any “gay” or lesbian person whatsoever, that “being gay was a blessing and a gift,” and had “something prophetic toward remodeling the Church”.
English Sept 18, 2004
Not Refusing Anyone Holy Communion
In a show of hostility against Church law, after the Denver Bishops' meeting, Los Angeles Cardinal Mahony made it clear in a written statement to the media that he would not refuse anyone Holy Communion.
English Sept 18, 2004
Democrat Convention Invocation
Breaking with recent precedent, Cardinal Roger M. Mahony agreed to deliver the invocation at the opening of the Democratic National Convention Monday. And already the fallout as begun with pro-life advocates praising or condeming the decision.
English Sept 18, 2004
Debate with Mother Angelica
Late last year Mother Angelica became involved in a debate with Cardinal Mahony, the Archbishop of Los Angeles, as the result of comments she made about a new directive the cardinal issued on September 4, 1997 - the Feast of Our Lady of the Angels.
English Sept 10, 2004
Chapel Dedicated to 'Victims of Sexual Abuse by Catholic Presbyters'
On May 25, 2003 Cardinal Mahony dedicated a chapel in the new Los Angeles cathedral (building cost: $150,000,000) to "victims of sexual abuse by Catholic presbyters.
English Sept 10, 2004
Cardinal Mahony Welcomes the Rainbow Sash Movement to Communion
Cardinal Mahony of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles has notified the Rainbow Sash Movement that his Cathedral will welcome Rainbow Sash Members as part of the Catholic Family to his Cathedral, and when RSM members present themselves for Communion they will receive It.
English Sept 10, 2004
Card. Mahony Finds no Liturgical Abuses in his Diocese
In the years since the Second Vatican Council my predecessor, Cardinal Timothy Manning, and I have consistently encouraged and supported the celebration of the Liturgy in accord with the spirit and the letter of the Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy, as well as with subsequent official liturgical documents designed to implement that spirit. By Cardinal Roger M. Mahony. Issued on the Feast of Our Lady of the Angels, September 4, 2004.
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