Lubomyr Cardinal Husar Lubomyr Cardinal Husar
Major Archbishop of Lviv, Ukraine
Cardinal Priest of Santa Sofia a Via Boccea
Feb 26, 1933
Feb 21, 2001
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English Oct 22, 2014
Santa Claus cardinal in Ukraine serves as conscience of the nation
When millions of pro-democracy Ukrainians launched what they called the “Revolution of Dignity” in November 2013, which led to the fall of pro-Russian President Viktor Yanukovych and resulted in about 100 deaths in just 48 hours, the country’s Greek Catholic Church gave its blessing.
German Jan 22, 2014
Ukraine: „Kein kanonisches Territorium Moskaus“
Der emeritierte Kardinal Lubomyr Husar der griechisch-katholischen Kirche hat den Anspruch des orthodoxen Moskauer Patriarchats auf die Ukraine zurückgewiesen. In einem Interview der Zeitung „Kommersant“ betonte der Kardinal, die Ukraine sei kein kanonisches Territorium des Moskauer Patriarchats. Dafür gebe es keine historische Grundlage, sondern allenfalls bestimmte Umstände.
English Mar 06, 2011
Cardinal Lubomyr Husar resigns
German Oct 26, 2010
Kiew: Kardinal beklagt orthodoxe Kampagne gegen Kirchenbau
Ukrainische Orthodoxie und Moskauer Patriarchat riefen Stadtverwaltung von Odessa auf, Bau einer griechisch-katholischen Kirche zu verbieten
Italian Sept 09, 2010
Ucraina: messaggio del cardinale Husar per il sinodo della Chiesa greco-cattolica
English Mar 29, 2008
Interview with Cardinal Lubomyr Husar
"Our patriarchate can be, within our unfortunately divided Kyivan Church, a very strong ecumenical instrument that would be leading towards the consciousness of the entire Church, for unity"
Spanish Jan 04, 2008
Fin de celibato no es solución a escasez sacerdotal
En una entrevista concedida a Fabrizio Contessa, de la edición diaria en italiano de L'Osservatore Romano, el Cardenal ucraniano Lubomyr Husar advirtió que suprimir el celibato obligatorio para los sacerdotes no es una solución al bajo número de vocaciones sacerdotales.
German Oct 03, 2007
Nach den Wahlen, wie weiter?
Nach den Wahlen in der Ukraine herrscht immer noch Unklarheit, wer die neue Regierung bilden darf und wird. Derzeit sei es so, dass staatliche Kräfte die Kirchen zu instrumentalisieren versuchten.
English Jul 24, 2007
In 1st intra-church dispute over church building, Ukrainian cardinals seek resolution
Ukraine's Eastern-rite cardinal has written his Latin-rite counterpart in an effort to resolve what church sources say is the first intra-Catholic dispute over a church building.
Spanish Mar 04, 2007
El Cardenal Husar celebró misa en la iglesia de San Vladimiro de Posadas
Su Beatitud Lubomyr Husar fue recibido en el aeropuerto por el vicegobernador. En diálogo con El Territorio dijo que quiere agradecer por la ayuda que los ucranianos de la Argentina brindaron a su país en tiempos difíciles.
Spanish Feb 15, 2007
Visita del cardenal de los ucranios
Entre los días 28 de febrero y el 3 de marzo visitará la Argentina el cardenal Lubomyr Husar, arzobispo mayor de Kyiv-Halyc y jefe de la Iglesia Grego-Católica Ucrania, acompañado por los obispos miembros del Sínodo Permanente de dicha Iglesia, , según se informó oficialmente.
Italian Nov 30, 2006
Il Cardinale Husar vede nell’identità cristiana il punto di contatto tra l’UE e l’Ucraina
Secondo il Cardinale Lubomyr Husar, guida della Chiesa greco-cattolica ucraina, l’identità cristiana è ciò che unisce l’Ucraina all’Unione Europea.
English Mar 29, 2006
For this red hat, the future's orange
As a leader of Catholics in a place regarded by the Orthodox Church as its own territory,
Cardinal Lubomyr Husar of Kiev holds one of the most sensitive offices in the Church.
Rocco Palmo finds him to be an expert in the discovery of common ground
English Mar 22, 2006
Lviv Pseudo-Council commemorated in Kyiv
For more than a week (March 3 till March 12, 2006) Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church commemorated Lviv Pseudo-Council of 1946.
Spanish Mar 22, 2006
Reconciliación es clave para conmemorar liquidación de Iglesia en Ucrania
Con motivo del 60º aniversario de la liquidación de la Iglesia Greco-Católica Ucraniana (IGCU), el Arzobispo Mayor de Lviv de los Ucranianos, Cardenal Lubomyr Husar, ha insistido en que esta conmemoración debe ser un llamado a la oración para una mayor unidad entre los cristianos ucranianos.
German Mar 18, 2006
Hirtenbrief zum 60. Jahrestag der Pseudosynode von Lemberg von 1946
Wir veröffentlichen den Hirtenbrief, den Lubomir Kardinal Husar, Großerzbischof der mit Rom unierten griechisch-katholischen Kirche der Ukraine, zum 60. Jahrestag der so genannten Lemberger "Pseudosynode" im Jahr 1946 verfasst hat.
English Mar 04, 2006
Cardinal sees Huculak's scholarship as gift to Church
Scholarly knowledge is the greatest attribute Archbishop Lawrence Huculak will bring to his role as metropolitan of the Ukrainian Catholic Church in Canada, says the Church's worldwide head.
Italian Nov 24, 2005
Il Cardinale Husar ha inaugurato la prima casa Orionina in Ucraina
L'Arcivescovo maggiore di Lviv degli Ucraini, il Cardinale Lubomyr Husar, ha inaugurato sabato scorso, 12 novembre, la "Casa della Divina Provvidenza" di Don Orione: la prima casa orionina aperta in Ucraina, che verrà dedicata ad attività di evangelizzazione e di solidarietà.
English Oct 24, 2005
Ukraine cardinal wants synod with Orthodox
A senior Ukrainian cardinal said Monday there was little dividing the Catholic and Orthodox Christian faiths and suggested that the pope call a meeting of the world's bishops to discuss the Eastern rite within the Catholic Church.
English Apr 08, 2005
Ukrainian cardinal urges people not to overdramatize papal election
Ukrainian Cardinal Lubomyr Husar of Lviv said electing a new pope is a serious responsibility, but it is not as if the fate of the world rests on the cardinals' shoulders.
English Oct 08, 2004
Problèmes avec l’orthodoxie sur fond russe
Comme en Russie, l’Orthodoxie est revendicative, à tel point que le cardinal Husar, évêque de Liev, monte au créneau pour défendre l’identité des catholiques romains.
French Oct 04, 2004
Le cardinal Husar indignés par le cardinal Kasper
La question d’un patriarcat a été abordée le 19 février, à Moscou, lors d’une rencontre entre le cardinal Walter Kasper, président du Conseil pontifical pour la promotion de l’unité des chrétiens, et le métropolite Kirill, à la tête du département des relations extérieures de l’Eglise orthodoxe russe.
English Oct 04, 2004
Refuting the Arguments Against the Establishment of a Ukranian Greek Catholic Patriarchat
On 6 September 2004 Cardinal Lubomir Husar published a “Pastoral Message” regarding the affirmation of the Patriarchal System for the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church (UGCC).
English Oct 04, 2004
The Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church Must Become a Patriarchal Church
On 6 September 2004 Cardinal Lubomir Husar published a “Pastoral Message” regarding the affirmation of the Patriarchal System for the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church (UGCC).
English Sept 12, 2004
Cardinal Husar Accuses Patriarch Alexis II of Moscow
Cardinal Husar was pessimistic. He said he was disappointed “by the position of the patriarch of Moscow, who continues to speak of the Uniates – a pejorative term – and refers to Eastern-rite Catholics as ‘a problem’'. The Russian patriarch, Alexis, opposed the Pope’s June 2001 visit to Ukraine.
English Sept 11, 2004
Cardinal Husar Prompted Pope to Convoke Assisi Event
It was Lubomyr Cardinal Husar, archbishop of Greek Catholics of Ukraine, who suggested to the Pope the meeting of religious leaders to pray for peace, which John Paul II has convoked for Jan. 24 in Assisi. This is revealed in a letter of Father Virginio Bressanelli, superior general of the Congregation of the Sacred Heart (Dehonians).
English Sept 11, 2004
Interview with Cardinal Lubomyr Husar
“The Pope himself in his very recent apostolic instruction for the bishops speaks again: “Patriarchates should be established.” Because he is interested in doing what the Ecumenical Council has desired and established.” Interview conducted in Lviv, 26 January 2004 by Antoine Arjakovsky, professor at the Ukrainian Catholic University.
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