Rosalio José Cardinal Castillo Lara, S.D.B. † Rosalio José Cardinal Castillo Lara, S.D.B. †
President Emeritus of Vatican City State, Roman Curia
Cardinal Priest of Nostra Signora di Coromoto in S. Giovanni di Dio
Sept 04, 1922
May 25, 1985
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English Cardinal Rosalio Castillo Lara decries “tremendous pantomimes of injustice”
Nov 18, 2005
The (Caracas) Daily Journal: Cardinal Rosalio Castillo Lara on Monday called on Venezuelans to speak out in the media against what he called “the tremendous pantomimes of injustice” mounted by the leftist government, which secured arrest warrants against four suspected masterminds of last year’s killing of a prosecutor.

(The Caracas Daily Journal, November 08, 2005) “It’s a moment and a situation in which all those who believe in justice should protest; not with marches, but by means of the television and radio,” said Venezuela’s highest-ranking Catholic Church leader and staunch critic of President Hugo Chavez.

The Cardinal told Caracas’ Union Radio that he was “dismayed, upset and hurt to see the carrying out of these tremendous pantomimes of injustice ... (that serve to) further deepen the hatred” between supporters and opponents of Chavez.

He was referring to arrest warrants handed down Friday against retired National Guard Gen. Eugenio Anez, banker Nelson Mezerhane, journalist Patricia Poleo and Salvador Romani, the son of a Cuban anti-Castro leader. The latter two have already been taken into custody.

The attorney general’s office has accused all four as masterminds of the murder of prosecutor Danilo Anderson, who died November 18, 2004, in a car-bomb attack in Caracas.

Earlier this year, former police officer Juan Guevara and his cousins, ex-DISIP secret police officers Rolando and Otoniel Guevara, were arrested as perpetrators of the attack, while two others suspected of carrying out the bombing -- Johan Pena and Pedro Lander -- are fugitives, reportedly in Miami.
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