Rosalio José Cardinal Castillo Lara, S.D.B. † Rosalio José Cardinal Castillo Lara, S.D.B. †
President Emeritus of Vatican City State, Roman Curia
Cardinal Priest of Nostra Signora di Coromoto in S. Giovanni di Dio
Sept 04, 1922
May 25, 1985
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English What a sad, sad end to the life of one who once was Cardinal Castillo Lara!
Nov 06, 2005 commentarist Carlos M. Pietri writes: The Venezuelan purple opposition insists on describing Chavez as an undemocratic President and are thinking of proposing ex-Cardinal Castillo Lara as their presidential candidate for 2006 elections.

(, October 30, 2005) I will not insist on the verified democratic qualities of our President ... I will only limit myself to describe some actions of the ex- Cardinal, which emphasize his "great love" for democratic institutions:

It is rumored that Castillo Lara, the Vatican Governor during 14 years, administered a network of financial institutions with deep roots in organized crime, the Lodge coup participant "P2" and the Italian secret services. He faced the Ambrosian Bank of Milan scandal (it is said that it laundered the Mafia's money and illegally dealt with arms during the Falklands war … and, now in 2005, the four material authors of 'God's Banker' Calvi's murder, have finally been identified ... and it is speculated on that the trail that leads to Cardinal Marcinkus (the supposed mastermind), will also imply Castillo Lara, with whom he shared the Bahamas secret account's handling.

It is known that Castillo Lara proposed and imposed ... against a strong internal opposition ... the commercialization of the Pope's trips and visits. The Pope was 'sold' by Castillo Lara to the television networks and to international and local advertising agencies, for the use of the Pope's image on all type of products, including liquor, potato chips, etc...  The financial control gave him so much power that it was a contemporary joke to say that the car plates SCV (Stato Cita Vatican) meant "Se Castillo Vuole" (If Castillo Wants)…

Preparing the April of 2002 coup d'etat against Chavez, Castillo Lara attended meetings  of conspirators at the Cotoperi mansion ... Cardinal Velasco's home. On April 12, he gave the Pope's recognition to Venezuelan private television stations "for their contribution to the fall of Chavez."  The prize was to be received by RCTV, representing the other TV channels, at the Vatican...

   * During the oil industry sabotage (2002-2003), Castillo Lara put all his influence into play to obtain a declaration from the Pope justifying the economic coup, prepared by the CIA, Fedecamaras and the CTV.

A lifetime spent in the halls and offices of the Vatican, gave Castillo Lara the taste and  ability for plot, maneuver, ruse, cleverness and dissimulation, serenity on the faking of feelings ... if by any chance there were any.

The plan to seize the La Salle Foundation seemed fitting for his ambitions. First it was aimed to eliminate its Founder and president Brother Gines, and then to take technical control of the Foundation, its 18 schools, its buildings, properties and a mining and forest reserve of 135,000 hectares in the Imataca.

Soon afterwards, it was planned to privatize and to sell-off everything ... the 18 schools would go to the Catholic University, the La Salle School buildings and the Imataca reserve to transnational lumber and mining companies…

   But, after a year of harassment, Gines went to the Venezuelan law requesting protection and he received a decision in his favor ... once defeated, Castillo Lara and the other crows moved away.

It was not totally their fault, because they had faced ... as they did in 2002 ... a force they did not know: friendship, solidarity, love and our Venezuelan people.

Too old to be reached by the ordinary Venezuelan judicial system and to be punished for his extraordinary abominations, Castillo Lara has not accepted to end his days in rural anonymity ... he has fallen, without knowledge and without prudence, into the temptation of getting into politics…

The worst thing about his position is that he seems to ignore the fact that the darker forces that he serves, are capable of sacrificing him to blame the Chavez Frias government and to use his demise as their fighting banner…

What a sad, sad end to the life of one who once was Cardinal Castillo Lara!
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