Ricardo Jamin Cardinal Vidal Ricardo Jamin Cardinal Vidal
Archbishop of Cebu, Philippines
Cardinal Priest of Ss Pietro e Paolo a Via Ostiense
Feb 06, 1931
May 25, 1985
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English Sept 19, 2013
Cardinal Vidal suffers mild stroke
Archbishop Emeritus of Cebu Ricardo Cardinal Vidal is being observed at the hospital after he felt weak around noon last Tuesday.
English Feb 01, 2011
Cardinal Vidal readies for retirement
Italian Dec 24, 2010
Filippine: il cardinale Vidal insignito dal Senato per il suo impegno a favore della pace
English Nov 29, 2010
A cardinal’s lament
Before proceeding to the gist of this article, I invite everyone to the dinner for a cause happening tomorrow at 6 p.m. at the Cathedral Museum of Cebu to mark its fourth anniversary. Tickets are sold at P1,000 each, the steep price intended for the museum’s fire insurance for the next five years and for the completion of the archdiocesan archive room.
English Nov 03, 2010
Pope approves Cardinal Vidal’s retirement
English Dec 05, 2008
Cardinal Vidal celebrates 37th Episcopal anniversary
English Mar 27, 2008
Board defends Cardinal Vidal
The Cebu Provincial Board condemned the “disrespectful statement” of Senate witness Rodolfo Noel “Jun” Lozada Jr. who described Cebu as the “Archdiocese of Malacañang.”
English Dec 11, 2007
Cardinal asks clergy: Be flexible, deal with modern ills
Cebu Archbishop Ricardo Cardinal Vidal urged priests and the laity to respond to the changes of the times as they continue to reflect on who Jesus is in their lives.
English Oct 07, 2007
Cardinal urges: Know more than inmates’ dances
Archbishop Ricardo Cardinal Vidal visited the Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center (CPDRC) in Barangay Kalunasan for the first time yesterday, much to the delight of the inmates.
English Aug 14, 2007
Estrada seeks comfort from Cardinal Vidal
Former president Joseph Estrada, who is facing charges of plunder and perjury, has talked about his fears of getting an unfavorable decision from the Sandiganbayan with a priest whom he considers a friend and spiritual adviser.
English Mar 15, 2007
His Eminence, Ricardo J. Cardinal Vidal celebrates 51 years of service to the Lord as a priest
Cebu Archbishop Ricardo Jamin Cardinal Vidal is celebrating 51st anniversary of his sacerdotal ordination.
English Dec 30, 2006
Cardinal Vidal pleads with clergy to change erring ways
Cebu Archbishop Ricardo Cardinal Vidal, facing a series of cases of priests accused of child abuse and of enriching themselves, on Thursday appealed to members of the clergy under him to change their ways.
English Dec 16, 2006
‘Ask about Cha-cha’
In opening his traditional celebration of the dawn masses, Cebu Archbishop Ricardo Cardinal Vidal gave importance to what he described as “the social concern of these days”: Charter change.
English Nov 29, 2006
Cardinal Vidal marks today 35th year of his ordination
Cebu Archbishop Ricardo Cardinal Vidal, one of the most influential Catholic Church leaders in the country, is celebrating today the 35th anniversary of his episcopal ordination.
English Aug 09, 2006
Vidal silences priest, asks him to leave town for now
Cebu Archbishop Ricardo Cardinal Vidal told Santander parish priest Fr. Jovencio Rabusa to no longer issue comments regarding the allegations made against him by some altar boys.
English Jul 31, 2006
A man who wouldn’t bid goodbye
He is known for his simplicity. He is popular even without trying. He makes solid convictions; he could oppose a whole nation as long as he stands by the truth. He is gentle yet strong, balance and firm. For more than half a decade he served the Filipinos as a worker of God. He has helped keep our religious foundations steady amidst years of political instability and social turmoil. All these he did with love, sincerity and compassion.
English Jul 24, 2006
Cardinal opposes moves to amend constitution
Archbishop Ricardo Cardinal Vidal has joined a coalition opposing moves to amend the Constitution and adopt a parliamentary system, according to a convenor of the group.
English Jul 24, 2006
Solicitation letter to mines chamber surprises cardinal
Without admitting or denying the reported solicitation, Cebu Archbishop Ricardo Cardinal Vidal said yesterday he doesn’t know who wrote the letter asking for P500,000 from the Chamber of Mines of the Philippines.
English Jul 24, 2006
Devotees brave drizzle for coronation of Cebu’s patroness in Guadalupe
Cebu Archbishop Ricardo Cardinal Vidal led thousands of devotees in the canonical coronation of Our Lady of Guadalupe de Cebu at 3 p.m. yesterday.
English Jul 03, 2006
Cebu archdiocesan denies Vidal signed "One Voice" Manifesto on Charter Change
Cebu Archdiocesan spokesman on Saturday denied reports that Cebu Archbishop Ricardo Cardinal Vidal signed the "One Voice Manifesto" against Charter Change.
English Mar 19, 2006
Benedict XVI extends term of Cardinal Vidal
Cebu Archbishop Ricardo Cardinal Vidal yesterday announced that he will continue serving as Archbishop of Cebu following the personal invitation of Pope Benedict XVI for him to continue his apostolic work even as he reached the retirement age for cardinals.
English Mar 04, 2006
Cardinal Vidal backs bail for Erap
Cebu Archbishop Ricardo Cardinal Vidal yesterday announced his support for Malacañang’s initiative for detained President Joseph Estrada’s temporary liberty and offered himself as a guarantor should the Sandiganbayan choose to grant Estrada bail on recognizance.
English Feb 12, 2006
08 - Cardinal Vidal's birthday wish ....
08 - Cardinal Vidal's birthday wish: Attain peace, prosperity and live in unity
English Feb 10, 2006
Cardinal Vidal hopes to stay
Cebu Archbishop Ricardo Cardinal Vidal said yesterday he has already submitted his retirement paper to Pope Benedict XVI but stressed that, if given the chance by the Pope, he still wants to continue serving as Archbishop of Cebu.
English Jan 30, 2006
Stop vigilante killings, and keep families together
Family unity and a stop to vigilante killings were at the core of Cebu Archbishop Ricardo Cardinal Vidal’s challenge during the 440th celebration of the feast of the Señor Sto. Niño yesterday.
English Jan 21, 2006
If estrada is freed on recognizance: Vidal won't say no as Erap custodian
If the Sandiganbayan rules in favor of former president Joseph Estrada, Cebu Archbishop Ricardo Cardinal Vidal has no qualms about having his long-time friend under his custody.
English Dec 20, 2005
Anniversary Special: Cardinal Vidal
Ricardo Cardinal Vidal, archbishop of Cebu, wields tremendous influence on the Cebuano community. Next year, as he celebrates his 75th birthday, he will also celebrate his ordination as a priest 50 years ago, his episcopacy 35 years ago and his 25th year in Cebu.
English Dec 16, 2005
Don’t pre-judge Garcillano, appeals Cardinal Vidal
Former elections commissioner Virgilio Garcillano is staying at Camp Bagong Diwa in Taguig City because of threats to his life, after he arrived in Manila from Maguindanao last Sunday to tell his side on the poll fraud allegations.
English Dec 16, 2005
Cardinal Vidal saddened by Garci testimony
Cebu Archbishop Ricardo Cardinal Vidal preferred to hear the whole truth from former election official Virgilio Garcillano, who has been accused of rigging last year’s presidential polls.
English Dec 15, 2005
Cardinal opens Holy Door to start Holy Year of Grace
The Archdiocese of Cebu has declared the year 2006 as Holy Year of Grace.
English Dec 04, 2005
Grand opening provokes reminder from cardinal
The opening extravaganza of the Southeast Asian Games last Friday night failed to impress Cebu Archbishop Ricardo Cardinal Vidal. He was thinking of feeding poor children and the homeless instead.
English Nov 07, 2005
Like business, cardinal wary about legislated pay increase
Cebu Archbishop Ricardo Cardinal Vidal sides with business in opposing a legislated wage, saying that the poor will ultimately be at the losing end.
English Nov 06, 2005
Keep Mass out of protests
Rallies are to street, as Masses are to church. Cebu Archbishop Ricardo Cardinal Vidal wants to make this distinction clear to those who organize protests against the government.
English Oct 30, 2005
Cardinal Vidal warns churches on using mass for protest
The most senior Catholic in the Philippines criticized Friday church officials for taking part in an intense campaign to force President Arroyo to resign for alleged election fraud.
English Oct 24, 2005
Cardinal Vidal praises the government for natural family planning
President Arroyo has announced the use of UN funds for the adoption of a natural family planning policy. Cardinal Vidal: “These measures protect society and the family”.
English Oct 24, 2005
Cardinal Vidal praises the government for natural family planning
President Arroyo has announced the use of UN funds for the adoption of a natural family planning policy. Cardinal Vidal: “These measures protect society and the family”.
English Sept 25, 2005
Vidal has copies of election returns
Cebu Archbishop Ricardo Cardinal Vidal yesterday confirmed that he kept the sixth copy of all election returns that a Church-based poll watch group had entrusted to him for safekeeping.
English Sept 25, 2005
Vidal doesn’t encourage rallies, asks people to pray
Cebu Archbishop Ricardo Cardinal Vidal said yesterday he will not lead a prayer rally in Cebu nor encourage street rallies even as the opposition congressmen fail to get the sufficient number to pursue the impeachment case against President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.
English Sept 25, 2005
‘Share truth with the needy’
Telling the truth to those who need it most is what media practitioners should aspire to do nowadays, Cebu Archbishop Ricardo Cardinal Vidal said.
English Sept 23, 2005
'Church never asked for donations' Vidal asks public: Drop Pagcor issue
Cebu archbishop Ricardo Cardinal Vidal yesterday declared that the Catholic Church "never asked for donations of any kind" but were merely "requested to distribute these to various charitable institutions." Vidal appealed to the public to drop instead the issue of these donations from the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation because the money just passed through the Church's hands and immediately went to the intended beneficiaries.
English Sept 03, 2005
Bolder attack from cardinal on split Cebu plan
Cebu Archbishop Ricardo Cardinal Vidal is set to issue a more informative and bolder pastoral letter against the plan to divide Cebu into separate provinces.
English Aug 21, 2005
Cardinal Vidal urges faithful to pray and seek divine intervention vs dengue
Cebu Archbishop Ricardo Cardinal Vidal, apparently alarmed by the rising cases of dengue, has called on the faithful to pray and seek divine intervention against the deadly, mosquitoborne disease.
English Aug 06, 2005
Cardinal undergoes cataract operation
Cebu Archbishop Ricardo Cardinal Vidal flew to Manila early this week to undergo a cataract operation.
English May 15, 2005
Cebu archbishop relates experiences at Vatican, conclave
"Tell the Filipinos, my greetings to all of them, and my blessings to all, and please tell them also to pray for me."
Italian Apr 26, 2005
“Benedetto XVI è un uomo umile, un padre, che sa ascoltare ed è una guida sicura”
“Siamo molto felici per il nostro nuovo Santo Padre. Abbiamo un nuovo leader e siamo sicuri che sarà la persona giusta per guidare la Chiesa. Speriamo che ci guidi nel nostro viaggio in questo mondo, che sappia custodire il deposito della fede e condurci su sentieri dove il Signore vorrà portarci”. Lo ha detto all’Agenzia Fides il Cardinale Ricardo Vidal a Fides, Arcivescovo di Cebu.
Italian Apr 26, 2005
I migranti, la famiglia, la pace
Il Cardinale Ricardo J. Vidal, Arcivescovo di Cebu (Filippine) , è nato a Mogpoc il 6 febbraio 1931, è stato ordinato sacerdote nel 1956, vescovo nel 1971.  Arcivescovo di Lipa nel 1973 è stato creato cardinale del titolo dei Ss. Pietro e Paolo a via Ostiense nel 1985. E’ stato anche presidente della Commissione episcopale per le vocazioni e presidente della Conferenza episcopale delle Filippine dal 1985 al 1987.
French Apr 26, 2005
« Nous sommes très heureux »
Déclaration à l’agence Fides du Cardinal Ricardo Vidal Archevêque de Cebu : « Benoît XVI est un homme humble, un père, qui sait écouter, et qui est un guide sûr »
English Mar 21, 2005
Cardinal Vidal joins groups opposing ‘split Cebu’ move
Municipal mayors, councilors, members of religious and militant groups and individuals who are against the proposals to divide the province of Cebu into two or three provinces have found an ally in Cebu Archbishop Cardinal Ricardo Vidal.
English Feb 07, 2005
Longing for the early days of Cardinal Vidal
Cebu archbishop Ricardo Cardinal Vidal turns 74 years old today. It is an age that makes it difficult for us to wish him “ many many more years to come “ the way we would wish others we hold just as dear but who are of a very much younger age.
English Jan 16, 2005
Cardinal asks faithful not to treat Mass like a movie
Going to Mass should not be likened to going to a movie, Archbishop Ricardo Cardinal Vidal yesterday said in his homily yesterday. Devotion to the celebration of the Holy Eucharist was emphasized again by Vidal yesterday as the establishment of the Señor Sto. Niño parish in barangay Guba, Cebu City was celebrated.
French Oct 04, 2004
Un réveil pour prêcher plus court
English Sept 09, 2004
Rejecting Contraceptive Campaign
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