Peter Kodwo Appiah Cardinal Turkson Peter Kodwo Appiah Cardinal Turkson
Archbishop of Cape Coast, Ghana
Cardinal Priest of St. Liborius
Oct 11, 1948
Oct 21, 2003
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English Mar 06, 2014
Cardinal Turkson defends religious liberty
Peter Turkson on Tuesday highlighted the importance of religious freedom saying "It is important to preserve and defend religious freedom because it concerns “each person's freedom to live according to their own deeper understanding of the truth.”
English Nov 30, 2013
Ghanaian cardinal seeks dialogue on hunger
As debate over biotechnology swirled about him, Roman Catholic Cardinal Peter Turkson, president of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, went to the recent Borlaug Dialogue at the World Food Prize in Des Moines, Iowa, seeking just that—dialogue.
English Oct 22, 2013
Cardinal Turkson Looks At Future Of Ghana’s Agriculture
Ghanaian Cardinal Peter Turkson visited Des Moines last week during the world Food Prize, and says farmers in his country are taking steps toward sustainability.
French Sept 27, 2013
Le Vatican propose une loi à l'ONU contre la persécution religieuse
Le cardinal Peter Turkson, président du Conseil pontifical "Justice et paix", a suggéré jeudi que l'ONU se dote "d'une loi contre la persécution, notamment contre les chrétiens".
Spanish Sept 27, 2013
'Positivas las palabras del nuevo presidente de Irán'
El cardenal Peter Turkson presidente del Pontificio Consejo Justicia y Paz ha afirmado que desde la elección del nuevo presidente de Irán, Hasán Roaní, se esperaba un nuevo tipo de primavera, a pesar de que el número uno del país islámico haya reiterado el derecho de de seguir adelante con el programa nuclear con fines pacíficos.
Italian Mar 12, 2013
Ritratto di un papabile, il cardinale che porterà a Roma Barak Obama
verso il Conclave 10 marzo 2013
di Adriano Frinchi
German Feb 23, 2013
Ex-Putzmann könnte erster schwarzer Papst werden
Kardinal Peter Turkson aus Ghana gilt bei Buchmachern als Topfavorit auf die Nachfolge von Papst Benedikt XVI. Er machte aber Negativschlagzeilen mit einem populistischen antiislamischen Film.
Italian Feb 16, 2013
Adesso primo Papa nero". Dagli Usa ipotesi Cardinal Appiah
"E' venuta l'ora di un Papa nero?". Questa la domanda avanzata dal sito conservatore americano Drudge Report che lancia la candidatura del Cardinale ghanese Peter Kodwo Appiah.
English Feb 16, 2013
Cardinal Peter Turkson: Conservatism's Cape crusader
The Ghanaian could become the first black pope – but his ideology is all too familiar
Italian Nov 03, 2012
Turkson: “Io contro l’Islam? Sarebbe come attaccare la mia famiglia
In un’intervista con Vatican Insider, il cardinale si scusa per la proiezione, al Sinodo, del filmato polemico con l’Islam. “Volevo documentare la crescente denatalità in Europa
German Nov 09, 2011
Kardinal Turkson: Ora et... cammina
French May 29, 2011
Le cardinal Peter Turkson juge l’intervention de l’ONU en Libye « discutable
Italian Apr 17, 2011
Spanish Apr 02, 2011
Sin Palabra de Dios la creación puede caer en el caos, advierte autoridad vaticana
English Jan 10, 2011
Vatican cites biotech crops’ downside
VATICAN CITY — A Vatican cardinal backed off the Holy See’s perceived approval of biotech crops yesterday, saying farmers in the developing world should not be dependent on foreign multinationals for their seeds.
German Dec 28, 2010
Kardinal Turkson: Anschläge von Bagdad als Reaktion auf Nahost-Synode?
Italian Dec 28, 2010
Il cardinale Turkson: rispettare la libertà religiosa significa difendere la dignità dell'uomo
German Dec 28, 2010
Kardinal Turkson: Religionsfreiheit hat gemeinschaftliche Dimension
Präsident des päpstlichen Rates "Iustitia et Pax": EU-Gründerväter waren gläubige Menschen, die ein Europa mit christlichen Zeugnissen wollten
French Oct 09, 2010
Le cardinal Turkson invite à veiller sur la création pour instaurer la paix
Discours aux pèlerins en marche vers le sanctuaire de Mariazell
French Oct 09, 2010
Le cardinal Turkson invite à veiller sur la création pour instaurer la paix
Discours aux pèlerins en marche vers le sanctuaire de Mariazell
French Oct 09, 2010
Combattre la pauvreté et non les pauvres, exhorte le cardinal Turkson
Intervention du Saint-Siège au sommet de l’ONU sur la pauvreté dans le monde
Italian Oct 09, 2010
Vertice Onu sugli obiettivi del Millennio. ll cardinale Turkson: combattere la povertà, non i poveri
Italian Mar 27, 2010
Il cardinale Turkson invita ad approfondire i temi del Sinodo per l’Africa
French Mar 02, 2010
Le cardinal Turckson évoque le soutien spirituel de l’Afrique à l’Europe
French Feb 24, 2010
Un cardinal s'inquiète du racisme
English Feb 10, 2010
Cardinal Appiah Turkson appeals to Ghanaians abroad to come home
English Nov 06, 2009
The rising star of justice and peace
Cardinal Peter Turkson of Ghana is to be the new president of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace. He is an accomplished scholar but also a prelate with a popular touch, and his appointment to the Curia confirms that he is in the ascendant
Spanish Nov 02, 2009
Cardenal ghanés encabezará oficina de paz del Vaticano
French Nov 02, 2009
Un cardinal ghanéen à la tête du conseil pontifical Justice et Paix
English Nov 01, 2009
Is the world ready for a black pope?
Is the world ready for a black pope? Cardinal Peter Turkson of Ghana had the question put to him recently and, first citing the encouraging examples of Barack Obama's election, and that of former United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan, replied: "Why not?... if God would wish to see a black man also as pope, thanks be to God!"
English Oct 25, 2009
Out of Africa
Ending the better part of a year's worth of speculation, the Pope finally went public with the Vatican's worst-kept secret this morning, naming Ghanaian Cardinal Peter Turkson as president of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace.
Italian Oct 23, 2009
Il cardinale Turkson: i Padri sinodali ascoltano il grido delle donne africane
English Oct 13, 2009
Synod: For African cardinal, candor brings complications
The idea of an African pope captures public imagination, and Cardinal Peter Turkson of Ghana has discovered that it also brings its own set of problems.
Italian Oct 07, 2009
Cardinale Turckson: "Un papa nero? Dopo Obama perche no"
Il relatore ghanese a proposito dell'Aids: "Sì al condom se nella coppia c'è contagio"
Italian Oct 07, 2009
Aids: il cardinale Turckson ''sì al condom per le coppie contagiate''
English Oct 01, 2009
African ethnic disputes could hinder church unity, cardinal says
English Aug 03, 2009
Ghana in the Wind?
Against the backdrop of Pope's first African trip in March, the release of B16's social encyclical and a Synod for the continent coming this fall, the Vatican PR shop might've taken to presenting 2009 as a "Year of Africa" for the church.
English Jan 07, 2009
Calmness is key, Cardinal Turkson advises NPP, NDC supporters
English Nov 12, 2008
Don't politicise conflicts - Cardinal Turkson
French Dec 13, 2007
Afrique occidentale : Evêques anglophones et francophones ensemble
Naissance d’une nouvelle association.
English Oct 31, 2007
Cardinal Says Church Mission is One, With Many Faces
As the Catholic Church celebrated World Mission Sunday, Cardinal Peter Turkson, archbishop of Cape Coast, explained that evangelisation - and not simply socio-economic development - is the Church's primary objective.
Italian Oct 17, 2007
La Giornata Missionaria Mondiale non riguarda solo l’aiuto economico
Il Cardinale Turkson, del Ghana, visita il Regno Unito.
English Jan 02, 2007
"All must work towards national peace"- Bishop
The Bishop of the Cape Coast Diocese of the Methodist Church, Right Reverend Isaac Quansah, on Sunday charged all Ghanaians to bury their individual and political differences and work towards national unity to facilitate the socio-economic development of the nation next year.
English Jul 31, 2006
Cardinal Turkson dedicates Mankessim Catholic Church
Peter Cardinal Kojo Appiah Turkson, Catholic Archbishop of Cape Coast on Sunday dedicated the St. Paul's Catholic Church at ceremony at Mankessim.
English Mar 04, 2006
Attempt to swindle Cardinal fails ... Burkinabe in police grips
A 45-year old Burkinabe, Paul Yada Gean, who claimed to be an urologist, and attempted to swindle Cardinal Peter Appiah Turkson on Monday, this week, has found himself in police grips, Chronicle has learnt.
English Mar 04, 2006
Cardinal Turkson calls for national IDs
The Archbishop of Cape Coast, Peter Cardinal Appiah Turkson, on Friday called on the government to fulfill its promise to provide all Ghanaian citizens with identity cards and to tackle it as one of its major projects in the coming year.
English Dec 04, 2005
Hands Off Dagbon — Cardinal Turkson
The Cardinal,Peter Appiah Turkson,has cautioned political leadership in the country against interfering in traditional matters particularly the Dagbon chietaincy problem.
English Oct 24, 2005
African Cardinal Views the Vocation Shortage
A Ghanaian cardinal expressed his willingness to share priests with countries suffering from a shortage of vocations, as an act of thanksgiving for the missionaries who evangelized his lands.
Italian Oct 24, 2005
Il Cardinale Turkson sulla scarsità di vocazioni
Un Cardinale del Ghana si è mostrato pronto a condividere sacerdoti con i Paesi in cui le vocazioni sono scarse ed ha affermato che è un atto di “reciprocità” per rendere grazie dell’opera dei missionari che a suo tempo hanno evangelizzato la sua terra.
Spanish Oct 24, 2005
Ideas del cardenal de Ghana ante la falta de sacerdotes en algunas diócesis
Un cardenal de Ghana se muestra abierto a compartir sacerdotes con los países que tengan escasez vocacional y reconoce que es un acto de «reciprocidad» para agradecer la labor de los misioneros que en su tiempo evangelizaron sus tierras.
English Oct 24, 2005
Cardinal says he hopes African issues make final list of propositions
As members of the Synod of Bishops on the Eucharist amended and refined their final list of propositions to present to Pope Benedict XVI, one African cardinal said he hoped some issues important for the church in Africa would make the final cut.
English Aug 21, 2005
Hundreds attend Cardinal Turkson's father's funeral
The mortal remains of Mr Pius Kobina Maafo Turkson, father of His Eminence, Peter Cardinal Appiah Turkson, were laid to rest on Saturday at Nyanfeku Ekroful Catholic cemetery after a burial mass at the St Francis De Sale Catholic Cathedral at Cape Coast. Mr Turkson, 90, died on April 24, after a protracted illness.
English May 31, 2005
African Catholics have numbers, but faith must mature
While the Catholic Church in Africa is experiencing rapid growth and large numbers of religious vocations, Cardinal Peter Turkson of Cape Coast, Ghana, said he worries about the nature of the growth.
English Apr 17, 2005
One of Africa's most energetic Church leaders
The Ghanaian Cardinal Peter Turkson, the 55-year-old Archbishop of Cape Coast, is one of Africa's most energetic Church leaders, a rising star who has been brought into the College at a tender age.
English Oct 14, 2004
África necesita más catequesis sobre la Eucaristía
Constata el cardenal Turkson, arzobispo de Cape Coast (Ghana)
English Oct 14, 2004
Africa Needs More Catechesis on Eucharist, Says Cardinal Turkson
Ghanaian Notes That Some Catholics Don't Marry in the Church
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